Dogs 1 to 575 (more coming soon)

To see the original post, for more information about each dog and what they are eating, hover over the photo to find out their name, then search for them using the search box on the right.  To find out how to submit your photo click here.

(Please note (35, 36, 37, 38, 39) the lurcher pups copyright PAB Photography)

6 thoughts on “Dogs 1 to 575 (more coming soon)”

  1. Very cool! Great pictures, awesome dogs! Maybe this will make my humans rethink what they feed me, I am sure I would enjoy all these tasty things too!

    Ari The Rhodesian Ridgeback

  2. This is also turning into an interesting gallery of *where* people feed raw, because that’s a question that often comes up.

    • Yeah, I thought that as the gallery started to build, *where* and *what on* (I love Milo and his plate). Answer, anywhere really, on anything you’re comfortable feeding on, towel, chopping board, grass …

  3. Interesting blog entries! And 177 dogs already!!! Wow!

    (“Raising Of Pasha by Mishka” was hilarious)

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