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Gretta, a female 6-year-old cocker spaniel mix, she’s enjoying a raw turkey foot.

Her owner says: “Gretta has been raw-fed since she came home with me at 6 months old.  She’s a rescue, and had nasty ear infections and bad skin when I got her.  After a few months on raw, we have NEVER had another ear infection and people rave constantly about her lovely coat.

I also feed my dachshund raw, but he’s a bit more finicky about photos :-).  He has a form of canine celiac, which is how I found out about raw in the first place.  After 6 years on the diet, I will never go back to feeding processed foods.”

If you are a raw feeder I would love it if you would send me a photo of your dog eating raw meaty bones to add to the gallery and help me reach my target of 1,000 raw fed dogs eating raw meaty bones captured on camera! Click here for how to send me your photo.