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Ted is 3 today, I’ve told him that’s old enough and he can stop aging now! He had a lovely walk with his sister this morning, lots of playing chase with her and with us. And some playing with the flirt pole which he loves.

Breakfast was a chunk of tripe as that’s one of his favourite foods. He unwrapped his present in no time with his trademark mix of skill and determination. We’re going to the farmer’s market later so he’ll be getting something extra special and yummy for his dinner 🙂

Here he is when I first saw him, then aged one, and finally aged two, he turned into a handsome little man.

And here he is today:

Ted's third Birthday

Finally, because it’s Sunday, which is usually photoquote day, here’s some of my favourite photoquotes (if you want to see them all you can check them out here). It’s goes without saying I adore this boy.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous boy.