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One thing I have always admired about Ted is that he is very “thinky”. Even as a young pup he mostly thought about things before he did them. I often joke that Ted was born middle aged.

This means that Ted tends to handle himself well in new situations. It makes training with Ted fun, he really works with you provided you get him engaged. Of course it also means he can be challenging to manage, he will weigh things up to make sure they make sense to him before he does what is asked of him.

So Ted’s general approach to new things is to be very measured in his actions whilst gathering new information. He demonstrated this beautifully today whilst we were out on a walk and stumbled across some sheep and donkeys.

Ted meeting the sheep

Now I don’t know anything at all about sheep behaviour, but Ted had a chat with one of these sheep for a good few minutes whilst the rest looked on. He also popped down to the next pen, where there was a mother goat and kid, and established very quickly to keep away from her.

He then moved on to some donkeys and had a chat with them. Just like when he meets dogs he doesn’t know, he was very measured in his movements, they were slow and exaggerated. So whilst I wouldn’t want to send him into a field of unknown animals he does seem very capable of talking cross species.

Ted meeting the donkeys