1,000 Raw Fed Ferrets

Well now that the raw fed dogs are increasing nicely and the cats have started it’s time to collect photos of 1,000 raw fed ferrets eating raw meaty bones to demonstrate that feeding this way is not at all unusual for ferrets either.

Each ferret or family of ferrets gets their own post and then they get added to the gallery, to check it out, click -> here. It may take a few days for me to post your photo, partly due to needing enough time to do it (!) but also because I try not to post too many ferrets each day so that each ferret has their moment of fame so please be patient, your photo will get posted.

There are two ways you can submit your photo. Either fill in the form below, providing a link to the photo of your ferret eating a raw meaty bone (please make sure that I can download the photo that you link to as I need to do this to add your dog to the gallery), or send an e-mail (probably easier) to rawfedpup@tinkerwolf.com with as much of the following information as possible:

  1. A photo of your ferret eating raw meaty bones (or a link to the photo)
  2. Your ferret’s name
  3. Your ferret’s sex
  4. Your ferret’s breed
  5. Your ferret’s age
  6. What your ferret is eating in the photo
  7. Anything else you’d like to include (please note I reserve the right to edit/not include this and I may not post website links at my discretion)

4 thoughts on “1,000 Raw Fed Ferrets”

  1. Can we post web links to videos instead of pictures? I don’t have any good pictures of my ferrets eating raw as at this stage they are eating in semi-private feeding dens. I do have a video that shows the general idea though.

    • Hi there, unfortunately I need photos because this is the only way to get them into the gallery.

      I’m happy to post videos on you tube etc with the photos, in fact I love seeing the videos but I do need a photo to go with them. I think you can extract stills from video although I don’t know how and not sure how easy it is 🙂

      • Unfortunately it’s hard to see what they are eating if I just took a still. Oh well, maybe when the are actually on solid meat I’ll submit again.

        • Yeah, even getting photos of my dog eating is difficult so I can only imagine a partially hidden ferret must be really difficult. I’ll look forward to seeing some photos when they’re more experienced 🙂

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