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What if I told you ...

If you’re already a raw feeder the chances are you’ll be violently agreeing with a lot of what I have to say on this site. However, if you’re new to raw feeding, or just want to find out a little more about it, then you’re probably going to feel more comfortable if you can read advice from multiple sources. In fact this is a sensible thing to do.

So I’ve compiled a list of a lot of my go to places for information and advice on raw feeding and holistic treatments.


There’s something comforting about the review and editing time that goes into books that you just can’t get on line. More are being published all the time but some of my personal favourites are:

  • Work Wonders: Feed your dog raw meaty bones” by Tom Lonsdale. Tom is one of the pioneering vets on raw feeding and this little book only takes a couple of hours to read and you’re all set to start feeding raw (for my review click here).
  • Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health” by Tom Lonsdale. This one gives you a lot more detail on how and why to raw feed and also insight into Tom’s battle with the pet “food” industry and veterinary profession and is peer reviewed and fully referenced. I pretty much don’t leave home without this one!


Many people experience resistance to, or even horror at, the idea of raw feeding from their vet. This can be pretty scary, even if you know that raw unprocessed foods are healthier for your pet. Thankfully there are vets out there who promote raw feeding and who go out of their way to provide helpful information for free.

  • Tom Lonsdale – one of the pioneering vets on raw feeding, on his site you can subscribe to his newsletter and read sample pages from his books. He is also great at responding to e-mails and whilst I’m sure he won’t want you all swinging by to say “hi” if you do have a problem and no one else has been able to help I’d really recommend getting in touch with Tom.
  • Karen Becker – Karen produces lots of helpful information in video and written form. You can sign up on her website
  • Peter Dobias – Peter also blogs on nutrition and has some interesting things to say on how many ailments he deals with in his clinic lead back to incorrect spinal alignment.
  • Richard Allport – Ted’s very own homeopathic vet, Richard’s fantastic. His website has a page dedicated to finding a natural medicine for minor aches, pains and ailments.
  • Chris Day – an information-only site which proposes a philosophy of natural feeding

If you need a holistic vet then you can generally find them through their association websites, for e.g. in the UK or USA


  • Jennifer Lee – Jennifer earned her certification in Carnivore Nutrition from the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. You can read my review of Jennifer’s consultation on Ted here.



  • – Although it’s my site I don’t edit guest blogs without the permission of the guest blogger. There are some very helpful blogs from owners dealing with specific illnesses which are a valuable resource
  • Rodney Habib – Rodney produces the most awesome graphics to get his point across and does nutrition blogs for Dogs Naturally Magazine. His website is under construction right now but you can click through to the Facebook page where you can find all the content he’s published.
  • – A brilliant site dispelling some of the myths surrounding raw feeding list from the Raw Fed website  Think of a reason why not to feed raw and likely there’ll be a response there as to why you should.
  • – A lovely website by a raw feeder is rawfeddogs but it’s the recipes page that is genius  Although it amused me greatly it did also help with identifying what the cuts of meat actually looked like as to be honest before I started feeding raw I had little clue!
  • – Lots of helpful information and you can also search for a natural rearing breeder.
  • – To gain an understanding of the politics, economics and dangers to your pets that belie the commercial pet food industry take a read of
  • – For information on the commercial pet food industry, including up to date recall information take a look at Mollie Morrisette’s website and be prepared to be scared.
  • – Some of the above sites have advice on raw feeding cats but I love this kitty specific website
  • – dedicated to all things cats, but has a heavy emphasis on species-appropriate diets, including articles, menus, tips, and more. The author, Tracy Dion, also writes for Raw Instincts magazine.
  • – As far as I’m concerned you’d be insane to start raw feeding a ferret without first consulting Erinn’s Mustelamania website It even has a full page poop chart!
  • – formed in 1994 by Catherine O’Driscoll, after two of her young dogs tragically died. She asked, ‘why?’, and the answers that came back were sufficiently disturbing to make her feel that independent research was necessary. Catherine was sent scientific papers which told her that commercial pet food was nutritionally inadequate, and that many deficiency diseases are the direct result of poor feeding. She also learnt that the annual shots we give to our pets each year, in the belief that we are protecting them from disease, are actually the largest cause of ill health in our pets today.


Sometimes you really want to find somewhere you can ask all the questions that are zipping through your brain. There are plenty of places that you can do this on line and raw feeders will gets stuck into any topic with gusto from where to source your meat from to what size and colour you can expect your pet’s poo to be. My one caveat here is make sure you know who the admin is, what qualifies them to run a group (personal experience is fine but if they started raw feeding yesterday they probably don’t have the experience you need), and if they’re not actively posting and monitoring comments then look elsewhere. I’ve yet to find a group where I think the admin doesn’t know enough to moderate the comments to a sensible conclusion but I have seen some crazy posts by overenthusiastic members.

  • Support and Action Groups – United Kingdom Raw Meaty Bones Support and Action Group  United States Raw Meaty Bones Support Group  Aussie Raw Meaty Bones
  • Yahoo Groups – There are many yahoo groups that focus on raw feeding pet carnivores. My favourite is the Raw Meaty Bones group (, however you may find another that suits you more.
  • Facebook Groups – Over the last few years the number of Facebook Groups and their members have grown at speed. There is something out there for everyone. If you need help and you don’t feel comfortable in the first group you join keep searching.

If you think there are any sites I should add to this page then please send me a link in the comments section below and I’ll take a look.

Edited 15 April 2014

8 thoughts on “Don’t take my word for it”

  1. mustelidblues said:

    There’s a fairly new e-magazine called Raw Instincts that is about raw feeding and holistic health, very informative and often has guest writers.

    • Thanks Jas & Jules, I’ve finally got round to updating the page (the new version will be released in a few days) and I’ve added some of your helpful suggestions.

  2. is dedicated to all things cats, but has a heavy emphasis on species-appropriate diets, including articles, menus, tips, and more. The author (that would be me!) also writes for Raw Instincts magazine. ;-}

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