Guest dog blogs

I’m very proud that a number of people have provided guest dog blogs for me about various aspects of raw feeding. Here they are listed below with a little summary of what they’re about:

Posts focussing on how raw feeding has helped with illnesses:

  • Bean – how a raw diet helped a dog with ADHD and allergies
  • Bendog, Sasha and Poppy – switching adult dogs to raw, including one with allergies
  • Cassie – how a raw diet helped eliminate her seizures
  • Eli – switching adult dogs to raw, including one with allergies
  • Kuzco – 3/4 bald to full coat of hair in just over 3 months
  • Mr Jake – switching an elderly rescue dog to raw and the subsequent health and behavioural benefits
  • Phoebe – how a raw diet helped with Phoebe’s colitis and how her owner did it
  • Rocky – raw feeding and cushings disease
  • Rocky – an update on managing his cushings disease
  • Tilly – how raw feeding is helping a boxer with allergies

Post about how and why owners switched to raw feeding:

  • Buster and Enzo – a lovely story of a raw feeding evolution
  • Jack and Samantha – the super active greyhounds
  • Jewell and Goliath – how their owner’s approach to raw feeding evolved over time
  • Keisha – switching a young Keeshond to raw
  • Milo – switching a very tiny chihuahua to raw, the first few days
  • Mishka and Pasha – a dog’s view on raw feeding
  • Oreo – starting a raw diet as suggested by Oreo’s vet

Other stuff:

Coming soon:

  • Bobo
  • Kirby Kid

If you would like to tell you raw feeding story, please drop me a line at

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